Stories of Healing

I’m privileged to help people rediscover a pain-free life.
Read some of their stories below!
“I came to see Allison because I had pains on the outside of my upper arms.  This turned out to be related to my posture. This pain faded starting after the first session as I completed the movements on a regular basis.  Then in addition to improving my posture, we also worked on improving my walking and fine tuning specific yoga postures.

At each session, Allison taught me a series of small but precise movements to practice.  Then within a day or two of the session she emailed me written instructions – also with pictures of me practicing the movements – so I could accurately complete the movements before our next session.

Allison always tried to make my ability to practice the movements as easy as possible by providing supports like an eye pad and tennis balls in a nylon stocking that I took with me to use at home after the sessions.  She also provided a guided meditation that I still use to help understand and reduce specific pain.

Allison was always organized, prepared and thoughtful while helping me work toward our goals.  I regularly recommend Allison to others who want to make improvements in how they move.“ — Nora Paape

“Allison has been a true inspiration to me and my own personal yoga practice.  With her private assistance, I was able to finally feel confident with my own skills as I continue my on-going practice at home or at the health club.  Allison’s detailed lesson plans, provided after each session, helped reinforce what I needed to practice to enhance my skills.

I now know my limitations and what works best for my body and how to personally adjust when I end up in a maybe too vigorous yoga class.  She has helped me understand how certain parts of my particular body work and the tools to adapt and modify a position just for me.

I started with Allison to make some small improvements and especially look for some safety tips due to minor aches and pains but now feel confident to continue my journey on my own or in any group setting.“ —Terry Gellerman

“Allison helped me a lot with improving my posture, range of motion, strength and comfort of my body.

I found her because I was interested in somatics and she was the only one teaching it in my area. I was in a challenging situation. I had scarring after surgery (mastectomy) which made it difficult for me to find a form of exercise that I could do without fear of injuring myself. Even physical therapy was creating muscle tension and spasms in my shoulders and neck. I tried Pilates and gentle yoga, but could not keep up with the class as it was causing pain. In addition, shortly after I started my therapy with Allison, I was diagnosed with Lupus which created inflammatory arthritis in my joints.

I loved working with Allison because the movements she was teaching me were very gentle, never painful, pleasant, meditative and very effective. I did need to take a couple of breaks during flare ups. And each time, the movements helped me very gently restore my ability to move and exercise. I feel so grateful I found Allison! She is very knowledgeable, flexible and a pleasure to work with.“ — Julia R.

“I went to Allison after having had major back surgery about two years prior, followed by a year of sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. I was getting by, but I had SI joint pain everyday. Any kind of bending was particularly difficult. For instance, it was painful getting up and down in any sitting position.

At our first appointment, Allison gave me four simple movements to do everyday. These movements took me maybe ten minutes each day. They were simple and quick. At our next appointment, she gave me a couple more movements. With each appointment, we slowly expanded the number of different movements I was to do. Allison would also follow-up with me after each appointment to find out how I was doing. She has always been very engaged in my progress.

Shortly after our third session, I experienced my first pain free day. I was still stiff but I was no longer feeling that SI joint pain every time I had to bend. There is a big difference between pain and stiffness.

I have continued with the movements for almost 4 months now. Lately, we have begun working on my walking. Over the years my walking had become stiff and is more like a shuffle. Allison has given me a number of movements to work on that are specifically designed to improve my walking. I continue to work on these as well.

It has been an amazing experience working with Allison. I used to have maybe one or two hours a day to get anything done. After that, I would have to rest. I can now go about my business all day and not really think about my back. I have my days back! And, since I am retired, those days have been good days.“ — Thomas Norton

“After suffering intense back pain, I had back surgery to repair a ruptured herniated disc. A few months later, I herniated another disc and knew that I needed to do something different. Allison gave me personalized attention to get at the root of the problem.

​She observed me and then worked with me to show me how to stretch and strengthen my body. The simple, gentle moves gave me some immediate relief. She also helped me elongate my torso and changed the way I walk and move. Not only did she give me a great routine, but she’s followed up with me enough to make sure that I continue to do the moves in the precise ways they should be done.

This is the most helpful and hopeful long-term solution I’ve found for my back. I’m now able to do things that I didn’t think I would be able to do anymore like running again. I am so grateful and happy that I came to see her! I would highly recommend anyone with back issues to see Allison.“ — Ana Ogren

“I started seeing Allison in January of 2017 for a neck and shoulder injury. I was attacked by a large dog that left me with a pinched nerve on the right side of my neck. I also had a pinched nerve in my left shoulder due to carrying a heavy art bag for years. I am a sewer and when I sewed, my shoulder would swell up and the right side of my neck would get so tight I started to get headaches. After seeing doctors that recommended medicines and a chiropractor with little help, the library yoga instructor recommended I see Allison. The rest is history.

Allison’s teaching techniques are hands on and she works closely with you until you understand the exercises. I like the way she explains the exercises, takes pictures of you actually doing them and then writes down exactly what to do so when you get home and actually are working them by yourself, you can do them properly.

We work slowly and she is in no rush to start other exercises until you can accomplish the first ones. She emails you once a week for an open communication to see how things are going and if there are any questions. I call her my miracle worker. She can work miracles on your body when you thought nothing could help. For me, she has helped me get my life back.

I can sew now without my shoulder swelling. I can garden or read without my neck tightening up. I feel better, I stand tall, I hold my head high and it’s all because of the way she teaches. I feel like Wonder Woman!“ — Carol Leaver

“The progress I’ve made since mid 2016 with one of Allison’s programs has been simply remarkable. I had 50+ years of sacroiliac discomfort and 20+ years of bulging and herniated discs, many doctors, therapists, pharmaceutical regimes, etc. and none have come close to providing and sustaining the relief that I’ve had after 10 short weeks.  If you have the discipline to follow her recommended approach, she’s truly a miracle worker.  She’s given me the gift of tools to improve my own health that keep on giving!  I’m off the drugs and out of the doctors’ offices.

​As quickly as the first session, I thought I was feeling some difference. By the next morning, I knew that I had made progress. She recommended a way to support my body that improved my sleeping and overall back health; an eye pillow that has relieved my TMJ; and simple exercises that have made walking longer distances much more comfortable. I’ve used the techniques and tools on vacations with equal success−no more coming home with back aches and headaches.

The pictures and written instructions she provides after each session have been priceless as they help me make sure I’m doing all the exercises correctly. I keep the notebook at hand when I’m doing my exercises and refer to it other times to remind me of correct posture and position. This documentation is the magic of her program and her willingness to address questions between sessions eliminates any doubt or confusion.

The money that I’ve spent with Allison has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my health. It continues to be worth every penny!“ — Lee Mateja

“I have had constant back, hip and groin pain due to a bulging disc, a ruptured disc and some stenosis. The pain was unresolved by medicine, chiropractic or countless acupuncture visits. Allison has been able to help address those issues in a shorter period of time and it has lasted.

​I found a response to my back pain within two classes and over the course of sessions to my hip and groin pain as well. Allison provided detailed instructions for homework and was always meticulously prepared. The main thing is she provides you with tools to help yourself the rest of your life without drugs or doctors or additional fees or classes.

I find Allison to be an extraordinary yoga therapist. She is kind, gentle and very individualized. I would recommend her without reservation. Her services were worth ten times the cost.“ — Ed Goldberg

Update from Ed: “I’m so glad I participated in Allison’s program last year (2016). I continue to perform yoga at home several times a week. What’s most important, however, is that Allison provided the tools so that if I get into trouble with my back, I can perform remedial, restorative yoga positions that put me on the right track, relieve the pain and restore me to health. This prevents costly acupuncture visits, doctor visits, MRIs, pain pills, etc. Working with Allison was one of the smarter things I’ve done. I’m glad to talk with anybody between the hours of 11:00 AM and 8:30 PM regarding the exceptional initial and ongoing relief and assistance Allison provides. She is a healer and specialist in pain management. My home number is (847) 940-9554.“

“Have you ever taken your car to the auto repair place because it keeps breaking down?  Then, when it is ready for you to take home and you take it out on the road, you are pleasantly surprised to find that your car is running better than it has for a long time?  Then, when you open the trunk, you discover that not only did the mechanic fix your car, he gave you the tools to keep in running top shape?!!!

Well, my friends, this is what it is like to go to Wise Moves for back pain relief.  My back is feeling good AND I am equipped with new tools to guide my back and body to be stronger, and to work together to help my back stay healthy and pain free.  If you have back pain, I highly recommend that you see Allison at Wise Moves.  It is truly a great investment.​“ — Toni Roe

“Working with Allison prepared me for the bilateral knee replacements I needed due to osteoarthritis. Allison’s program for me has made post-op rehab much smoother. She is a caring, knowledgeable and creative teacher. I was able to meet with her for 5 sessions, but then had to return home to Austin, Texas. Allison suggested using Skype for the remaining sessions, and that was so helpful. Many, many thanks, Allison.“ — Pam Kosobud
“Allison Wilmes of Wise Moves Yoga is the real deal.  Her therapy techniques have made a great difference in the day-to-day quality of my life.  In a series of seven sessions we had together over the course of four months, she taught me specific, pain-free exercises targeted to address various chronic and painful trouble spots that plagued me for years, and which had not been relieved by traditional physical therapy techniques.

My activities were limited by chronic, severe sciatic pain, an unstable knee, and arthritis in my hands, which had weakened them so much recently that I even had trouble opening water bottles on my own.

Although my sciatica may still threaten a bit from time to time, I am enjoying being relatively pain-free for the first time in years. My knee has stabilized and I no longer dread the prospect of walking up and down stairs. And my hands have recovered strength that I thought was gone forever.

Allison is a warm, caring, lovely person who guided me gently though this process, the results of which have greatly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her ‘Wise Moves’ techniques.“ — Marcie Newman

“I have stenosis, and before I started working with Allison, my husband had to pull me out of bed every morning because I was in so much pain. Also, I could not bend down to pick anything up from the floor due to the amount of pain I was in.

I decided I wouldn’t let another therapist touch me after I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance in excruciating pain during a physical therapy session. And then I heard about Allison.

I was desperate to feel better and now, because of my sessions with her, I am in such a better place, physically, mentally and spiritually. I can do the things I love doing again! Allison is the Best!!!“ — Eileen Kushner

“Allison, I am pleased with/satisfied with/ happy about the time we have spent together and the path you have helped me to pursue in improving my posture, body awareness/alignment, etc.  I consider what I have learned from you and practiced with you to be valuable in the short and long term for the overall quality of my life.  I know I am really able to think about my body sensations and alignments in such a new and different way. I am committed to continue working on my own, knowing that affecting a permanent postural change takes a long time…longer than we have spent together these 5 months.

Your knowledge and professionalism and “value added” personal focus is excellent. I love your attentive email communication between sessions and always appreciate your prompt replies and answers/explanations to my questions! I have enjoyed our “relationship” at the personal level.  It is often hard to walk a line of personal/professional. You are awesome!  I have nothing but respect, admiration, and appreciation for you and how you have started me on a new path.“ — Nancy Ogden

“Allison, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to improve my physical life. When we began, I wasn’t able to get out of a chair or walk up and down steps without a struggle, or even do ordinary walking or standing for any extended time.

I’d done several rounds of physical therapy in the past, which improved the pain for a time, but there’s no comparison between the results from those sessions and that of the yoga therapy. I can hardly believe the improvement, and how it could be done with such gentle movements.

I’m impressed how you were able to personalize any action I needed to address a particular area of concern, and all were helpful. Your expertise is outstanding.“ — Janet May

“This spring when working in the garden, I noticed with some concern that I had  lost both strength and energy, as compared to the previous year.  My feet felt heavy as they shuffled along, and my posture was slouchy.   Both shoulders and a hip were painful,  which interfered with  walking, sleeping and well-being. I felt older than old, and I realized it wasn’t going to get better unless I committed to a daily routine of yoga exercises that would  treat and integrate these complaints of old age.  As they say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

With gentle yoga therapy exercises and  attention to detail,  Allison worked with me  on retraining and strengthening the  muscles involved with lower back, hip and shoulders, including  standing and walking correctly.  Of course, these core exercises are repeated daily at home, and I have found it easy to weave the exercises into my daily routine.  Before the 10 week program ended I was already experiencing less pain and able to sleep through the night without the hip pain waking me up.  I could climb a flight of stairs or rise from a seated position without pain and weakness in the hip.  I discovered  greater flexibility through the shoulders. The core muscles have grown stronger,  which gives me better support, posture and balance.  Once again I’m able to enjoy gardening for longer periods of time, and should there be stiffness and tweaks afterwards,  I’ve learned the specific exercises to release that tension.  My feet are lighter, my well-being brighter; in fact, I feel younger than old.  A wonderful gift that conserves independence!” — Mary Mariast

Update from Mary: “Now, a year later,  I am very pleased to say that I’m back digging in the garden with energy, flexibility  and endurance, and without pain.   Not wanting  to lose what I had gained through Allison’s patient instruction, I continued  practicing the yoga therapy exercises, often rereading  the detailed instructions Allison had printed out for me.  I am still amazed that these gentle exercises have worked to reduce pain and increase flexibility and balance. I am deeply grateful to Allison for her wisdom and guidance in setting me on a path to well-being.“

“I took advantage of one of Allison’s programs to get out of pain, and it was truly effective! I learned so much about how simple and subtle body actions can make big adjustments. These slight changes have made a big difference in pain I was experiencing in my shoulders and legs. I now understand how my shoulder blades move and can gently rest them in a comfortable position while I am working at my desk, standing, and walking.

For years, I had a burning sensation in my leg which doctors weren’t able to figure out, but Allison helped me understand what I was doing that was causing the pain and easy exercises to alleviate it.

​Allison is a kind and gentle teacher; she listens sincerely and offers her help in a most genuine caring manner. I recommend her knowledgeable services to anyone experiencing pain.“ — Kevin Schuman

“Allison Wilmes is a very gifted yoga teacher. You are never an anonymous number with Allison. When I began working with her privately, I was not sure that she could really help me achieve positive and lasting changes in my body–I have tried so many other approaches and therapies to no avail. But Allison felt she could help me, and after hard work from both of us, I am straighter and stronger and have less pain. As a bonus, Allison has a strong and positive spirit. It is always a delight and an “upper” to be in her presence.“ — Sarah Long
“For years my low back has been aching especially after sitting long periods of time. After many x-rays and low back epidurals the doctor told me my pain was due to a bulging disc and arthritis. I worked with Allison on specific exercises to ease the pain. I also have osteoporosis and a fear of falling. The balance exercises we worked on have helped considerably.

The detailed pictures and instructions help me to keep up my daily exercise routine. Allison is a kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable professional yoga therapist and great yoga teacher.” — Delores Spapperi

Update from Delores: “A year ago, I started working with Allison on specific exercises to ease my low back pain. I continue with the exercises daily; they continue to help my back and my balance. It’s a relief to know what to do.“

“Allison  is the best physical therapist that I have ever gone to. Her techniques helped to get rid of back pain after just two sessions. It took a little longer for my other problems to get worked out. I am now in control of them also.
Allison is a caring therapist. She will check in on you throughout the week between sessions to see how you are doing and ask if you have any questions about the exercises to be sure that everything is working right for you.
I highly recommend her to anyone looking for relief from pain.“ — Elaine Hucko